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Free winning pick from Joe Duffy:

ARIZONA (WIDENER +180) San Francisco (DeSclanfani)

Regression to the mean, go with much less profitable team is +100.42. One of our power lines says Arizona should only be getting 153, hence they are nice value here. TeamRankings gives Arizona a decent 1.5 percent value on the line. EV Analytics gives us 45.31 chance of winning which is a 7.57 percent value on the line, a very strong bet. 

Top betting angles for August 2, 2021 from  

As starter:

Chris Flexen 11-2 +11.4 units with total 8.5-10

Andrew Heaney over 14-3

Anthony DeSclanfani under 8-0 road with total 8.5-10; under 22-7 last 3 years with said total overall

Team trends:

Seattle 51-36 underdogs +32.38 units

Tampa 109-63 +29.72

San Francisco 95-68 +28.61

Arizona 45-97 -44.96

Arizona 2-36 -34.2 units to pitchers averaging 5 or more Ks per start 

NY Yankees 4-14 -17.2 units away favorites in revenge 

Mariners 20-9 +19.4 units to AL starter with WHIP 1.2 or better

Mets 25-62 as favorites -39.27 units

Philadelphia 25-58 as favorites -32.55

Yankees 47-75 as favorites -32.27

Angels 30-54 as favorites -26.73

Nats under 62-38-3

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Joe Duffy has been a pro handicapper since the 1980s on the score phones. His articles, videos, and podcasts on sports betting all all over the internet.

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