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Holy hell. Dogs are going to bark all day long. Start out with Weekday Underdog Game of the Year during the day, then get three MLB Majors for night led by at least one Juicy Lucy. Juicy Lucies are either moneyline or runlines in which we get +140 or more. has the winners 


Washington-Miami UNDER 7.5 (Gray-Cabrera)

This is the lowest total either team has seen recently and easily Josiah Gray’s lowest total of the year. Sounds like an easy over, right? Nope. 

The Nats last seven games have seen six totals of 9 or more, the other 8.5. Miami has had five straight of 8.5 or more. Angle that compares the current total to recent ones and uses that knowledge against them goes under 3129-2412-284. Comparing current total to season average goes under 2020-1536-221. 

Josiah Gray hasn’t had a total of less than 8.5 all year. But when a pitcher has a total less than previous starts, it goes under 3155-2392-246. Several combo angles, but one that combines pitcher and team ones goes under 424-257-35 including 66-28-1 this season. 

Orioles 5-32 -24.1 units off 4 straight losses 

Rockies 4-27 -24.4 units road versus opponent averaging .6 or fewer errors per game 

Marlins 9-33 -21.5 units after scoring 2 or fewer runs

Author: Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy has been a pro handicapper since the 1980s on the score phones. His articles, videos, and podcasts on sports betting all all over the internet.

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